Monday, January 24, 2011

Life is fun

Today has been a pretty relaxing day. Paitynn and I have colored, flowers. And she decited to draw a worm......? LOL shes a funny kiddo for sure! Im so proud of her!

My best freind Shanah Finley is 5 months prego with a baby girl!!!!!! Im SOOOO excited, and I gave her a TON of paitynn's baby clothes, shoes, bibs, ect. and she is sooo super excited! she is due June 15th of this year. Her name will be Olivia or Alivia. she has 2 boys, Prestin who is 8, Kash who is 3, and now, FINALLY her baby girl!!!!!

My cousin Elyse had a surgery and seems too be doing good, she had a HUGE chunk of her skull removed from a birth defect. We havnt gotten along since august of 2010, but I do love her and felt that i needed to call her and see how she is doing. she sounds like shes doing good, and im proud of her. she is still in the hostpital, and recovering well. Please keep her in your prayers. Her name is Elyse Ariel Durden.

she has 2 kids, and they need their mommy for sure!!!!!

Please pass around my blog and get people to follow me, that would be great!

I hope everybody has the best day!



Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 IS HERE!!!


Happy 2011 Everyone~

This is Miss Paitynn who is now 4 years old as of November 17th. She is 4 going on 14, she has an attitude bigger than she is, but what can i say, I am her mother ;)

She is the light of my life! she was my new years kiss and stayed up until after the new years to watch the ball drop and also to watch and laugh at mommy attempt to do the New kids on the block dance to "The Right Stuff"
she seemed to enjoy it :) and hey, thats all that matters right?
Paitynn and I have not had the best luck with health in 2010 and the beginning of this month. My new years resolution is that I WILL have better health this year, and So will Miss Paitybug!!!
Paitynn started Preschool in August, at Center Stage Performing Arts School. They have A 3 year old class, 4 year old class, and kindergarden! Paitynn was 3 when the school year started, so she is in the 3 year old class, and will be 4 at the beginning of the school year this upcoming school year, so she will be in the 4 year old preschool class, and will most likely be the oldest in her kindergarden class when she starts. She will be 5 when school starts and 6 in November, a few months after school starts. We decited this is a good, personal choice for Paitynn, Since she seems to do well being one of, if not the oldest child in her class.
She goes on Tuesday and Thursdays, 11 A.M. to 2 P.M. and enjoys EVERY second of it! The class does academics as well as on Tuesdays they do dance class and Thursdays are academics and singing. When she starts kindergarden she will be doing regular school AND karate they teach there at the school. She is VERY lucky because she is scholarshiped, Its not a cheap school, but I will have only the best for Miss Paitynn Ann :)
I know I keep saying "I am going to keep up on my blog I swear...blah blah blah" LOL but this time, I REALLY am going to. It would be a LOT easier if i had a laptop, but As long as I feel well enough to sit up long enough to write an entry, I will. THIS time I PROMISE!!!
Our lives are so busy, yet so interesting and I enjoy sharing it with people. I know i dont have many followers as of right now, but I am definatly looking for more and i am Hoping that I can eventually Get really good with this blogging stuff! I enjoy doing it!
Thanks SO much for reading, and I hope that if you are reading this, You will perhaps follow me!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pictures, to add to my previous blog

A wedding, 4th of July, and Fun summer times!

I am HORRIBLE at updating my blog on here!!! sorry guys!!! Anyway, On July 25th, 2010 My cousin Cameron Stuart Married the love of her life, Bryan Beardall :) They are the cutest couple EVER and had such a perfect little fairy tale wedding!!! So congrats MR. and MRS. Beardall!!!

Here in Utah, we dont celebrate the 4th of July if it lands on a Sunday (Weird I know) so we celebrated it on the 3rd and the 5th!!! so at least we got 2 days of fun!!! On the 3rd, me, my mom, My grandma Lily, and Paitynn went to Carterville park so we could lay on the grass by the playground and watch the fireworks. it was SO random, but awesome, all of a sudden i hear "REAGANNN!!!!" And it was Cameron, Bryan and Devin!!! We were excited to see them :) they sat by us, Paitynn played on the playground, She played with Devin, and Played a little bit of football with Bryan too!! It was alot of fun!! Then we watched the BIG fireworks, that you could see perfectly, from the 'stadium of fire' .

About a week ago, I was trying to open a bag of cereal, and my hand slipped and hit the inside molding of our pantry doorway! I ended up with a broken hand, my right one. :/ (Only something Reagan Rose could pull off lol) Anyway, im ok, its doing alot better now, still hurts but at least i have a pretty funny story to tell!!!!

Our puppies are now 10 months old, and they dont understand why i have a funny weird looking thing on my hand and wrist (my wrap for my broken bones) they try to pull it off and bite at it. its really quite funny :)

Well, I cant really type much longer, my hand and wrist is starting to ache a little so I guess I will just post some pics!!! Enjoy!!! (I will start a new entry for the pics)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We are SO very excited that summer is FINALLY here!!!!!! woo hoo!!! We have gone out to our property with some family, For Memorial Day. and spent 4 nights out there.....we Rode all over on the 4 wheelers, had Barbeques, and Paitynn had SO much fun playing in the sand with her cousins, Devin and Aspyn. Baby jace was there too, but hes much to small to play in the sand! we had a BALL! I ended up getting sun burned, but its ok.....its a nice tan now :)
We cant wait until we can get out there to Duchesne again to have another fun, family filled adventure!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rest in peace auntie Sharon

So, It was a sad day On 9-11-09. My auntie and best friend, Sharon Stuart passed away. Im having such a hard time with it, I know she is happy, but us left here on earth are suffering. I love her so much and always will. she will ALWAYS and FOREVER be in my heart.
I love you Auntie Sharon, Rest in peace you silly goober!!!